Veterans Helping Veterans

Who are we?

Many people drive by a VFW post and don't notice the post, or the US flag, and the POW/MIA flags flying outside. Others think the VFW is a place to sit around and drink telling war stories. Many of our younger veterans think it is for old veterans. They often wonder "is this place worth my time."

The answer is clearly, YES! It is. You ask, what is there that would make ME want to join?
Allow me to name a few as space will not allow me to list them all:
  1. We honor the memory and sacrifices made by our deceased Brothers and Sisters on Veteran's Day. On Veteran's Day, you will find us at the Veteran's memorial paying our respects to our fallen comrades. We also go to the schools and speak with students about what a veteran is, and the meaning behind Veteran's Day.
  2. Upon request, we provide the family of a deceased VFW member with a memorial service.

  3. We send our troops much needed items of food, and comfort, in place of those not provided by the military.

  4. We have a scholarship essay program for students in schools which gives them a chance to voice their opinions, on a given theme.

  5. Our Homeless veterans are not  forgotten. We donate food and clothing to various shelters.

  6. We support our local community by various other means and are stewards of good will.

All of these functions and more are supported by our Men's, and Ladies' Auxiliary of our post.

Membership is important in any organization. You cannot survive without them. By joining, you give the state and national leaders more clout in fighting for us, and our fellow veterans, and their rights in Washington D.C. They MUST  be kept aware of all veterans needs.

Remember, there is always an open seat, and an open ear for friendly conversation in the canteen.

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